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This is Simsima...One of 4 pups rescued recently overseas. She's a beauty and not only sweet but very alert and protective. We got her from a rescuer. Little Sima was left at her doorstep and had never been outside. Rescuer kept all dogs indoors since they are considered vermin in that part of the world. Personally I fell in love with her...such depth to her eyes. At first she barked at everything... nonstop.. Every sound, every smell, every person ...It took a while to get her acclimated. I was unable to find her a home right away but a fellow rescue group offered to foster her for a bit. In the meantime a flyer I had posted in a local coffee shop caught the eye of a young man. It was meant to be. Him and his wife called right away...the drove over an hour to meet her and it was done, they loved her. Sweet Simsima is living the life with her feline siblings and a loving family in upstate New York.

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