We WOOF and MEOW....



So today was the wedding day of one of my dearest friends. As we made our way to Jefferson, NY for the ceremony I decided to stop once we were close to stretch and take pictures of the beautiful foliage across the valley. I took some shots and then moved past some old cars to the ridge to get a better shot. I took careful steps over strewn cement blocks and boulders ... and then I saw her....A little face peering up at me. I moved closer to try and get her but she was so terrified. I called my friend over but neither of us could get to her. So I went across the street to a pub to get help. A young girl jumped into action and followed me across the street after grabbing some hamburger meat.
Soon there was maybe 5 or 6 of us. One of the ladies was particularly agile and was able to get over the stones and grab the little munchkin.

The ladies had a few options for a home even though I was already picturing a kitten as a wedding gift.

Later that evening I was informed one of the ladies had a cat that just had kittens and our little munchkin was quickly adopted by mama cat.

Turns out that area is a dumping ground for unwanted pets. A true miracle we happened to stop where we did and I happened to move to that spot and see her. She had a rough start but she is safe now!


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